Get up and start again!

It’s not about falling down, it’s about getting up and pick up where I left off.


Guess it’s that time of the year again…

Every once in a while I look back and see that what I had proposed to do just faded into the background. All my intentions of doing better than I did before, of getting things done and stop procrastinating, just disappeared. I know what you are thinking, and the answer is yes. I went back to my origins and procrastinated again. And the worst part is that since I had no deadline I did it until now.

Well this time it’s going to be different (or at least I hope). This time I wont impose myself with a “write something every week” mentality. I will write something when I feel like it. I will write it for myself and for whom ever wants to read, but mainly for myself. I’ll write about everything that goes about in my life. Books that I’m reading, projects that I’m involved with and other mundane stuff. So, stay tuned to what I’ll be posting next. It will probably be something that has to do with Canned food and how I’m going to get back to CannedWorld.

See you all soon.


Stop being such an adult and start acting more like a kid.

The adult that we embody is stopping us from reaching our full potential. We need to set the child within us free and be all that we can be!

Moooommmm… Can I please go to my friend’s house?!? Please… Come on… Why?!?! Please let me go… I promise I’ll be good!!

Can anyone relate to that one conversation around 99% of all children have with their parents?

I sure can!

I remember being persistent to a point where my parents would cave in to my wishes. Well… Not always. But the point is I used to be quite tireless pursuing whatever my ambition was, and that sort of changed with the process of becoming an adult. Somewhere along the way I heard too many times that it was not acceptable to act certain ways and that inhibited my ability to go after my deepest dreams. I had to stop dreaming and set my feet on the ground.

With time and retrospect, I came to realize that I should probably stop being such an adult and start acting more like a child. As the adult that I have become I tend to overthink everything and ponder every outcome to a point where I’m no longer tolerant of risk. This intolerance I’ve developed refrains me from acknowledging certain opportunities and therefore my life stagnated like that of most adults out there.

The time has come once again to embrace my inner child. To seek my dreams in a restless way, facing rejection and never taking no for an answer. Imagine outcomes, solutions and new approaches. Be more inventive and imaginative. Create, make and remain tireless.

I’m doing this, how about you?

Resolutions, dreams and goals.

We all have dreams that we want to see come true, but sometimes things go wrong and making them a reality gets hard. See how you can overcome this by setting goals.


António Gedeão, a Portuguese poet once wrote that dreams command life. And this was as true then as it is now. For some, the dream is to build a great family. For others, that fabulous car they walk by each day. And for a great some, the dream is that million dollar house that has it all. We all dream, and when we dream we dream big. Not 3 story high suburban house big. I’m talking about New York skyscraper big! But when it comes to making those dreams happen we just seem to be lacking something to make them come true. Why’s that?

For starters, we dream big, Big, BIG, and become overwhelmed with the idea. Overwhelmed to the point that we can’t take another step forward because we think the dream is simply unattainable. Because our vision is simply too big to be created with our small salary and little time. But is it? Derek Sivers (@sivers on Twitter) has a great view on the attainability of dreams, check it out bellow.

I’m guessing that you’re telling yourself that this post and clip come just in time. After all New Year is the best time of the year to get your dreams going. It’s that period of the year when you are all hyped and full of optimism. Blood flows through your veins at high speed and you are ready to change the world!

By now I’m sure you’ve written down all your new year’s resolutions and are starting to getting down to making them happen. Most of them might fall short, not because you aren’t able of making them a reality, because you set the bar too high for your first try. If you haven’t run in a whole year, how do you expect to complete a marathon tomorrow? If you haven’t saved for that new car, how will you buy it tomorrow. If you haven’t been training, how do you expect to be lean tomorrow?

Take a good look at your resolutions. Start by break them down into small portions and start getting your hands dirty to make them a reality. Why do this you ask? Well for starters all your big Big BIG dreams, that at first seem to be unattainable are now easier to reach because they are not so overwhelming in the short run. Second, you now have goals set and in place to point you towards something. Let’s look at this example. Say you currently run at a pace of 6min/km and that by year end you want to be at 4:30min/km. Don’t just say “By year end I’ll be running at a pace of 4:30min/km” because once you see what 4:30min/km is like you might just simply say “Forget it.”. The better way to go at it is to break it down to monthly more attainable goals. Simply fine tune your mentality to a subtler “By the end of January I’ll be running at 5:45min/Km and 5:30min/km by February.”. That way you can see yourself get closer and closer to your goal and keep yourself motivated. And the same way you do this for running faster, you can do this for almost everything in your life. Create goals and make things happen! And remember, dream without goals is just that, a dream.