Leave The Box Behind

Procrastination has played a big part in my life but not anymore. See how I’m overcoming it.

So… a couple of weeks ago I was listening to a TED talk where Tim Urban (@waitbutwhy), blogger at waitbutwhy.com, talks about procrastination. The way he went about it was inspiring to say the least, but better than having me go on about it why not take a look at the talk for yourself?

As a master procrastinator I couldn’t help but think that Tim new me from somewhere as he was painting the portrait of my life with excruciating detail and it got me thinking. I’ve been wasting my life and there is no way to get all the boxes emptied for me to relive them and fill them up again. Fortunately I can leave the boxes behind and make the most of all the boxes that are yet to be filled. That is where this WLOG (Written Log, or whatever you want to call it or whatever I’ll make of it) comes in. Once a week I’ll post something here, be it about me, things I’m learning, tools I’m using or places I’m visiting. Basically I’ll just post about anything that I see has changed or is changing the way I live my life. I’ll show you how I’m changing my habits and how what techniques I’ll be using to steer clear from procrastination and a unfulfilling way of life.

Meanwhile share your opinions with me. Do you see/have you seen yourself in the same place as me? What did you do/are doing you doing to get out of it? And while you’re sharing your opinion with me share the post with whom you think would benefit from this talk!

Stay tuned for new posts.