Canned World – Ready… Get set… GO!!!

Looking at the virtually unperishable I wanted to find a suitable name, but first I needed to acknowledge what I wanted for the companies future.

With the type of product in mind there was one thing that I would like to sell, Fish. Portugal has one of the largest Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZ) in the world, and has a claim pending to extend it even further. This EEZ provides a vast access to a big variety and very good quality of fish. This and the very competitive canning industry made products such as Santa Catarina and Briosa ideal products to start with.

I was in a position where focusing on what the company could amount to seamed to be the next step. As a starting point Santa Catarina and Briosa provide a reasonably diverse offering, but I knew that going forward the two brands won’t be enough, and other products will be necessary to expand and grow. Still focused on the virtually unperishable, the list looked infinite, vegetables, soups, beer, etc. all  proved valid contenders for future expansion, and suddenly it hit me, I opened the all mighty Google and started to type “Canned World”. With fingers crossed the great search god came bearing gifts. Nothing! Next on the list was validating if URL was still available and to my joy, it was!

Having chosen a name, the next phase on the list was getting to know the product I would be selling and start to contact vendors.

Have you ever started your own company? How did you get to the product you would sell? What about the name? Share your experiences with me and stay tuned.

Stop being such an adult and start acting more like a kid.

The adult that we embody is stopping us from reaching our full potential. We need to set the child within us free and be all that we can be!

Moooommmm… Can I please go to my friend’s house?!? Please… Come on… Why?!?! Please let me go… I promise I’ll be good!!

Can anyone relate to that one conversation around 99% of all children have with their parents?

I sure can!

I remember being persistent to a point where my parents would cave in to my wishes. Well… Not always. But the point is I used to be quite tireless pursuing whatever my ambition was, and that sort of changed with the process of becoming an adult. Somewhere along the way I heard too many times that it was not acceptable to act certain ways and that inhibited my ability to go after my deepest dreams. I had to stop dreaming and set my feet on the ground.

With time and retrospect, I came to realize that I should probably stop being such an adult and start acting more like a child. As the adult that I have become I tend to overthink everything and ponder every outcome to a point where I’m no longer tolerant of risk. This intolerance I’ve developed refrains me from acknowledging certain opportunities and therefore my life stagnated like that of most adults out there.

The time has come once again to embrace my inner child. To seek my dreams in a restless way, facing rejection and never taking no for an answer. Imagine outcomes, solutions and new approaches. Be more inventive and imaginative. Create, make and remain tireless.

I’m doing this, how about you?