Get up and start again!

It’s not about falling down, it’s about getting up and pick up where I left off.


Guess it’s that time of the year again…

Every once in a while I look back and see that what I had proposed to do just faded into the background. All my intentions of doing better than I did before, of getting things done and stop procrastinating, just disappeared. I know what you are thinking, and the answer is yes. I went back to my origins and procrastinated again. And the worst part is that since I had no deadline I did it until now.

Well this time it’s going to be different (or at least I hope). This time I wont impose myself with a “write something every week” mentality. I will write something when I feel like it. I will write it for myself and for whom ever wants to read, but mainly for myself. I’ll write about everything that goes about in my life. Books that I’m reading, projects that I’m involved with and other mundane stuff. So, stay tuned to what I’ll be posting next. It will probably be something that has to do with Canned food and how I’m going to get back to CannedWorld.

See you all soon.


Programing, the new driver’s license

If you think having a driver’s license will take you far, wait until you start programing!

When I was a teenager, there was one thing that I wanted more than anything else that by my 18th birthday I’d have a driver’s license! In my mind that was the road to freedom. I could then go wherever I wanted by my own means. I could take holidays further away from home and not be dependent on anyone or anything. The world was mine to conquer and see!

13 years have passed and a new form of driver’s license is here. Programming. Programing is now the new vehicle that will take you anywhere and everywhere. Learning to code enables you to create, to help and to become a more rational person!

One good way to learn and help make the world a better place is with Quincy Larson’s Free Code Camp. Free Code Camp will teach you programing from front end to backend and while you are learning you will be working for yourself (creating your portfolio page) and for non profits.

If you are looking for some different programing languages that may also enable you to get some sort of certificate, why not try Edx? Edx gives you access to various learning tools provided by top universities like MIT, Berkeley or Harvard just to name a few.

Another fun and interactive way to learn is through Codecademy. This is great tool to get you coding no mater where you are. All coding is done on Codecademy’s website and your work is always on the cloud.

Start your journey with ease and get to know the language that is best for you, since there are a lot of them to chose from. If you don’t no where to start try reading this post buy Quincy himself and find which one is best suited for you.

If you still don’t believe me, see this short video with all those well known people that learned to code sometime along their live.

Do you use other platforms other than the mentioned above? Please leave a comment and share your knowledge.