Can Cans have a future?

It was somewhere around May and I was thinking of new ways to generate some more income. After going through all the projects I had thought of before, and seen that all had come to an abrupt halt, I asked myself why all had failed?

Long story short it had to do with:

  • Lack of preparation;
  • No marketing;
  • Bad choice of products;
  • No knowledge;
  • Lack of focus;
  • No strategic partners;

The list goes on, but I’ll spare you the suffering. Through all the suffering there was also learning in effect and that learning is still taking place, with every new step, but I’m still far from knowing exactly what I’m doing.

Now that the “what went wrong” was established I went over all the lessons and pondered where to start. I picked the “bad product” lesson as a starting point and something my dad had told me came to mind, “no matter what, people will always have to eat”. This was true when I first enlisted for the Navy as a cook, as it is today. Going over this again and again in my head I thought about a food related product. With a product already in mind potential problems started to role in. Food, as we all know, has a great tendency to go bad in a very short time frame, and so, I looked to smooth out the edges and ended up a good fix, why not opt for canned food? Virtually imperishable, canned food now offers a great deal of options from vegetables, to soups, to surprisingly great fish fillets.

Now that a product segment was selected it was time to start brainstorming what I wanted Canned World to be…

Stay tuned.