About me…. This is always that hard part where you have to go into an introspective talk about who you are and what it is that drives you.

Anyway… Here I go!

My name is Rodrigo, I’m 31 and I’m from Portugal. Thanks to authors, talkers and doers like Tim Ferriss (@tferris), Tim Urban (@waitbutwhy) and Derek Sivers (@sivers) just to name a few, I got myself to do something too.

Since this is a project full of introspection, where I’m going to talk about what it is that moves me and what I’m doing to get to where I want to go, the best way to get to know me is to start by reading the first post I wrote and what it was that made me be more than I was. The rest is just a matter of staying tuned in and finding out more about me as we grow.

I would also love to know your story, so don’t be shy and send me an email or leave a comment on one of my posts.

See you soon,